Research & Insights

Big Ideas, Validated with
Real Insights

We’re experts at identifying, exploring, and validating your needs by unlocking real
customer insights through a range of research methodologies

It is essential to understand your customers' concerns and opinions when building a new product or service. And we’ll help you do just that – by conducting thorough research to identify authentic insights.

Research Phases that Lead to Product Development

  • Strategize


    Inspire, explore, and choose new directions, and opportunities


    Field studies, diary studies, surveys, data mining, or analytics

  • Execute


    Inform and optimize designs in order to reduce risk and improve user experience


    Field studies, participatory design, paper prototype, and usability studies

  • Assess


    Measure product performance against customer and market needs


    Usability benchmarking, online assessments, surveys, A/B testing

Unlock Behavioral Patterns through Qualitative Research

The key to serving your customers is to truly understand them. To do it, we use our distinctive process to conduct exploratory research that gets to the bottom of your customers’ opinions, motivations, and behaviors. That’s where real innovation is.

Focus Groups

In-depth Field Interviews

Usability testing

Gain Actionable Insights through Quantitative Research

We’re pros at discovering new ways of viewing and analyzing data that helps us quantify customer attitudes, opinions, and behaviors – and of course, helps lead to tangible insights that let you take real action.




A/B Testing