Experience Design

Showcasing Women’s Wear through an Online Fashion Ramp


A well-known American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of women’s lingerie approached us.

Services provided

  • Experience Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Prototype Development


They were struggling with their market share, which was on a decline. Their primary cause for concern was their obsession with the ‘size zero’ philosophy, which highlighted their models or Angels as they call them, and emphasized the need for a ‘slim’ and ‘perfect’ body. The market had moved in the opposite direction; companies were now asking their customers to embrace their body type, no matter what the proportion. This shift had put our client in a dilemma. They wanted us to build new concepts and come up with a strategy to build and improve their market value.


They wanted us to ideate and build designs for their brand. We asked ourselves on how to keep the users engaged with a personalized experience while getting to know them as much as we can.

We created an app-based quiz for the customers, for them to know their size and even introduced a live chat concept where a user is able to video chat with an in-store lingerie expert. The expert can show the customer on how to take her measurements and provide personalized recommendations for all things lingerie-related. We also designed the idea for a membership-based service, whereby the users will be assigned their personal lingerie expert.

Another issue the client had was the lack of digital penetration. Their retail stores weren’t profitable since a lot of the users had moved online. We decided to create an app that will provide an end-to-end lingerie service. The app offered in-store experience to the users without the need to physically visit the store. The app allowed the users to virtually try on lingerie, get expert advice, buy what they like through the ecommerce store, share content with friends and view the angel runway shows. The concept app aimed to offer a holistic experience and increase digital penetration for the client.

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