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Translating Consumer Insights into Increased Lead Generation


Medical Waste Disposal is a booming business in the US, and when you’re at the helm of the market, you want a website that converts visitors into customers, rake in more market share and capture a much larger market share. A billion-dollar waste management company came to us for a complete website overhaul.

Services provided

  • Salesforce Integration
  • Research


They were finding it increasingly difficult to convert visitors into customers. The amount of investment injected into various PPC campaigns did not increase lead generation as the customers didn’t connect with the brand’s story. The main website was also a cause for concern: from ineffective forms to poor e-commerce and user-experience. The client realized that it was time for a change.


Our solution was simple: improve the user-experience and leads will soon follow—and we were right! After numerous client calls and countless internal discussions, we recommended a complete site redesign and development of the UI/UX platform with a focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

We went back to the drawing board, designed the wireframes and got them approved by the client before sending them into the design phase. From better CTA placement, UI improvements, engaging content to deriving and implementing insights from website audit, analytics and SEO analysis, we did a complete site refresh. We also built the localized landing pages on a new CMS and assessed the performance by A/B testing to ensure maximum conversion.


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