Thinking of developing an MVP

Simplifying the Shopping Experience by Providing an Efficient Inventory Management Platform


A client with a business focused on delivering high-quality, ergonomic office furniture to its customers reached out to us.

Services provided

  • Experience Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Optimization
  • Salesforce Integration
  • SAP Integration
  • Data Migration


Working on Magento was a major concern for our client—it did not facilitate management of product information on a large scale. Also creating or viewing dynamic reports for operations management and accounting functions was a hassle since their B2B infrastructure comprised of too many separate components that were antiquated in their integration with each other, leading to unnecessary errors to occur easily.


We successfully managed to develop a highly customized Magento website for our client that helped provide a complete and effective eCommerce experience for their clients. Along with that we also integrated Salesforce and SAP with Magento to improve their sales and inventory management.


We did not only manage to improve team efficiency but were also able to develop a final product that enhanced inventory management capabilities. This allowed our client to offer its vibrant client base an online platform catered to their specific needs that was both efficient and effective in facilitating both the front-end customers and the back-end administration.

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