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Enabling Fast and Easy Home Improvement through a Mobile Marketplace


With the surge in the number of people buying their first homes or remodeling existing ones, there has been an increase in the cost of home improvement. One of our clients set out to streamline the cost of home improvement and ease the entire process for home-owners by connecting them to local contractors. Our client’s aim was to connect the home-owners with pros and get the job completed to their satisfaction.

Services provided

  • App Development
  • Monitoring
  • Deployment & Hosting
  • Maintenance


Our client had an issue—managing 35000 contractors was no easy feat. Servicelive had an archaic system that would dispatch job requests to contractors. They would print the papers, take them to the client site, get them signed when the job was completed, and send it back to Sears for payment. The process was cumbersome and the lack of control was hurting their business.

ServiceLive was a way to bring back control to the table—a web interface to consolidate the entire process. But the web experience wasn’t user-friendly and they couldn’t facilitate the service providers efficiently.


From design to development and successful execution, we transformed the web app into a completely new mobile experience to facilitate the service providers. Creative Chaos rendered their services in application development and managed the network services 24/7.


Our team managed the deployment & hosting along with its internet portal and also provided them with its support and maintenance. After the revamp, the process became a lot more streamlined and home-owners could connect with the contractors with ease.

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