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Seamless Human Capital Management through a Redemption Platform


One of our client’s had an employee recognition platform that engaged employees of a certain organization and encouraged them to recognize and appreciate their co-workers every day. The idea was brilliant, but lacked proper execution. They approached us to give their website a redesign.

Services provided

  • App Development


The overall user-experience of the platform was poor and the information architecture flow had an inconsistent structure. The user journey did not resonate with the audience and led to an increase in drop-off rate.


We recommended ways to improve the UI/UX, for which we designed wireframes for their redemption platform called Globo Stars. The wireframes took into account all the road blocks that affected the employees from using the platform more effectively and to redeem points. More accessible information, with visually engaging content helped build a more seamless user experience.


They measured the impact after our delivery. Usage of the redemption platform increased as the user-journey made sense to the audience. With a more interactive and frictionless redemption platform we successfully managed to improve the drop-off rate.

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