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Big Data Made Easy through a Proven Team Integration Framework


We were approached by a Boston-based startup that specialized in the Big Data and Analytics space. The co-founders had the institutional knowledge and the product to go-to-market, but they did not have a user-friendly UI. They approached us for frontend developers and a full-stack team.

Services provided

  • App Development


After countless late-night conference calls and the subsequent back-and-forth, it was clear to us that the client had two concerns: outsourcing and IP protection.

We had to showcase to the client that their trust would not be breached, nor will their IP. We demonstrated how we protect their IP—strict NDA’s, USB and strong network policies and restrictions, CCTV in developer areas and ISO certifications. To back it all up, there has never been an incident of IP theft or violation in our history. They wanted to pilot with a UI/UX design first and deliver it in a month’s time. If we were able to build a UI framework that they liked, we could then perhaps be tasked to build the code behind the interface. They were testing the waters, or as the tech gurus like to put it “murky swamp of outsourcing”.


We started by researching about UI/UX best practices for enterprise applications and put together a presentation on how to structure their use cases into an intuitive user experience. After the client approved our approach, we took about 8 weeks to put together an experience that was usable. During this time we were able to establish comfort with the stakeholders in Boston that this relationship could grow further.


The post-delivery performance metrics, or ‘numbers’, as the client put it, made sense to them and they saw immediate benefits from outsourcing. We were given the green light to put in place a dedicated team of engineers who could start working on developing the frontend.

Over the next few months, the team increased and we became an integral part of their business. The client became one of the leading big data solutions in the market. Even though the client now has the money to hire a large team in Boston, they continue to invest and further grow the team with Creative Chaos. They value the institutional knowledge that we have around their product and the quality of work that comes with it.

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